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My friend texted me yesterday and mentioned that garlic scrapes are a delicious part of the garlic plant for cooking. Since it’s my first time growing garlic, I had to ask, “What are scrapes?” She said they’re the bud of the garlic. I looked into it further and cutting off the scrapes actually forces the plant to concentrate […]

On Saturday, Memorial Day weekend, we gave a BBQ here at the farm. It’s usually all about the food for most of our parties, but Saturday night, it was all about the guests. We did all the meat and asked everyone to bring a side. Our friends and family are really great cooks! I made a pitchers of margaritas, […]

Around 5:30 this morning I woke to Kona barking. She was responding to Daisy barking in the yard. As I was coming out of the bedroom to let Kona out, Eric says, “There’s a opossum in the driveway. Come look.” The opossum was just sitting next to the driveway (playing opossum of course). Goliath was barking […]

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Last night I looked at our dog Kona and thought, You’d be the perfect walking partner! She’s about 6 months old now and does great on the leash. So, this morning, I took her for a walk. As I was walking with my headphones on, our other dog, Goliath (Go) trotted right behind us. It startled […]

I’ve been relishing the last of our peas in the greenhouse. After picking them, Eric and I agreed they’re finished. We need to make room for something else. I’m not sure what, but we will probably grow them again in the Fall since they grew so good. The basket I took to our friend’s this weekend […]

I love how these carrots grew together. It’s like they’re hanging onto each other for dear life!    

Some of Eric’s projects might be considered redneck, but I applaud him for using what we have. Let’s take the creative oil change he did by driving over the stairs, the pooper scooper he made from a cat liter bucket, the greenhouse bench he made by taking a trellis and putting it on saw horses, the “barkless […]