Dogs Like to Run Free



Having a puppy can be a challenge, but Kona has been good for us. She’s smart and a little more calmer than most puppies. However, she does have her moments, like dinner time (she loves to eat). She does run after Goliath and Daisy when they try and ditch her (and they are trying their best to loose her). We worry she won’t find her way back, so Eric ends up running after her.

She is mostly obedient as far as coming when called and sitting on command. I am so endeared by her lovable personality.

When we got Kona, they said she was part Labrador and they think St. Bernard. Because she is so big and her markings are identical to that of a Bernice Mountain Dog, we believe that’s what she is. (Thank you Lavi for pointing that out!)

Kona is bigger than Daisy, but she is still nowhere near as large as Goliath. I really don’t think she’ll be as big as him. (He’s our miniature pony.)

She’s almost outgrown the pool yard and I am ready for her to get out and away from my garden so I can plant. She has stepped on the geraniums I planted in the ground.

Today, we let her run around while we busied ourselves in the greenhouse. We just had to trust she’d stay around. As we searched for her, we found her lying nearby in the field of grass behind the greenhouse. Eric said earlier she followed Daisy into the neighbor’s pasture, but followed her right back. That’s a first.

We are ready for her to hang with Goliath and hopefully it won’t be long. Hopefully, another month and she can do what she wants. By then she’ll be fixed.




One Response to “Dogs Like to Run Free”

  1. 1 lavi

    gosh she is getting big! And she does look like the mountain dog. adorable.

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