Vine Day


A few days ago, Eric announced that May 10 is Vine Day, so last night we soaked our vine seeds in little dishes and planted them in starter pots this morning. We planted cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumbers, butternut squash, acorn squash, patty pan, zucchini, honey dew, two different kinds of pumpkins (french red and jardelle) and pole beans.

I am encouraged to see all our seedlings are mostly doing well (all except for the plants I planted by the pool that Kona dog stepped on).

We are sticking to watering only our plants and nothing around them and we are reducing our weeds. Some weeds could grow anywhere, so there’s nothing you can do about those. For the most part, this has helped.

We have dug up all the lettuce and are making room for peppers and eggplant. I believe the eggplant will do better in the greenhouse, since they get annihilated with flea beetles in the outside garden. Tomatoes thrive in the greenhouse. We sprayed all our plants with soapy water hoping to deter any bugs that do get in. I’ve noticed that our raised beds usually get less bugs.

I believe giving the vines a good start in starter pots will help them be strong when we plant them in the garden in about two weeks. Our vines were pathetic last year because of direct planting, weeds and overhead watering. We learned last year. I’m even seeing some proof in that by the pole beans that were started this year in pots vs. the direct plants that didn’t come up or are very scrawny.

I love the miracle of growing and seeing the results. I will keep documenting this year’s garden and hope we keep doing better.


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