Think Like a Redneck


Some of Eric’s projects might be considered redneck, but I applaud him for using what we have. Let’s take the creative oil change he did by driving over the stairs, the pooper scooper he made from a cat liter bucket, the greenhouse bench he made by taking a trellis and putting it on saw horses, the “barkless lounger”, or the fence he made from fallen timbers. Others might consider these projects reusable, upcycling or even green. I just call it being resourceful; Using what you have and using it creatively.

Eric says it just takes a need to drive a project, the available resources plus your skills (inherent, learned and/or experience). Your available skills will determine your approach. Saving money is what motivates us. I find being resourceful frees up money that can be better used elsewhere. Let’s face it. We all want to save money wherever we can. I would much rather spend $20 for something other than a pooper scooper!

One Response to “Think Like a Redneck”

  1. 1 lavi

    Great imagination . Great way to reuse and recycle!

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