My friend texted me yesterday and mentioned that garlic scrapes are a delicious part of the garlic plant for cooking. Since it’s my first time growing garlic, I had to ask, “What are scrapes?” She said they’re the bud of the garlic.

I looked into it further and cutting off the scrapes actually forces the plant to concentrate on bulb production so that the plant will produce larger garlic.

As I read further, their mild garlic taste is great for cooking. I’ve seen them used for pestos, compound butter, soups, hummus, or even grilled.

As I walked around the herb garden yesterday, I saw lots of scrapes. I will be cutting them all off today. They are beautiful. Some look like curls or knots. I have two different types of scrapes. One of our varieties has an odd four bud flower and the other is a single bud. We have some gourmet varieties that I bought online and another that we got from a friend. I can’t wait till we can pull them up in August. I’m looking forward to fresh garlic for the fall and winter.

We are having steak tonight. So naturally, I’m going to incorporate them into our dinner. It might be nice in a chimmichurri, an Argentinian steak sauce made with parsley and other herbs.


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  1. hey how is goliath doing could you send some pics thx chuck

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