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What a difference 2 weeks makes. After coming back from California, I came home to a garden full of produce…and weeds, but not too bad. Eric’s been keeping up with it the best he can. We had 9 days of rain while I was gone and he couldn’t do much. I spent most of the morning […]

So good to have our good friend, Deb here from Buellton, California. Here’s a post from Deb’s perspective: It’s Friday May 23rd, the day after my birthday, and the plane is landing in Nashville, Tennessee. I am so excited to be visiting my good friends, Eric and Michelle. It’s been a year since my last visit […]

I just love this handsome guy who greets us when we return from the store. He’s an independent soul, but loves his owners. He follows me on walks and loves to go for car rides with Eric. I love how he leans against us and stands on our foot. He’s not much for company, but he’s warmed up to […]