Daisy Girl is Home!



I am always reading about pet owners being reunited with their pets, but this time the happy ending is ours. Our beloved 8-year old dog Daisy, a Spaniel mix lost since July 8, was returned to us today.

After returning home from Nashville airport to drop off my son, we came home and Daisy was nowhere to be found. She had escaped from our back yard. It was a very scary night for any animal with lots of thunder and lightning. Had we known the kind of weather we’d have that night, we would have secured all the dogs in our kennel.

We sent messages to friends, neighbors, acquaintances, put up flyers around and basically got the word out. On Tuesday (day 7) with still no word on Daisy, I ran an ad in our local paper, The Advocate. On Wednesday, we came home and there was a message from a very nice man who described Daisy to a T and said he’d had her since Saturday, which meant she had been lost for 4 days before she found him. Unfortunately, by the time I got the message, it was 10 at night and all I could do was leave him a message and hope he’d return my call the following day. We were both hopeful and it was hard to sleep. The following morning, when I was looking at my phone trying to figure out the best time to call him back, he called me.

I asked the man how he found me. He said he been scanning the paper daily and finally saw our ad. He went on to say that when he found Daisy, she was injured. She had a large gash above her left leg. He had taken her to the pound, but they would not take an injured dog. So, he kept her and knew in his heart that someone would be looking for her.

Daisy had traveled 3.9 miles to this man’s farm which is far if you know Daisy. She never strays too far from home ever.

As we approached the farm, we could see Daisy in the yard. There was no fenced-in yard, so she was on a long rope tied to a tree. She looked good, but had lost some weight. She was extremely excited to see us as we were excited to see her.

The very nice man did not want a reward and said Daisy was pleasure to have.

When we got Daisy home, she was excited to see the other two dogs and they were happy to see her.

She went to the vet today and got 6 stitches, but checked out well otherwise and got sent home with antibiotics.

We are so happy to get her home. We’re so glad to get back the best dog any owner could ask for.

One Response to “Daisy Girl is Home!”

  1. 1 Georgia Paquette

    That’s the kind of happy ending that I like!!!

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