RV There Yet?


In September, Eric and I bought an RV. I never thought I’d be the RV type, but with all the bugs here, I now am. Besides, there’s something so cozy about a small space. We bought it two days after my birthday and Eric says it’s a gift for all the upcoming occasions (for the next two years).

As much as we love the farm, we thought it would be nice to get away once in awhile and explore. We are close to so many beautiful states. And, as I’m finding out, Tennessee and Alabama have some of the most gorgeous campgrounds.

I love how modern RVs have now become. They actually have interiors I like. The interior of this RV is beautiful and well-laid out with a separate bedroom, good-sized bath, a living area and a decent kitchen and dining area. It has a black/gray/tan neutral interior. One of my favorite features is the in-house vacuum. They call this a 26 ft. travel trailer, but in reality, it’s about 29.7 ft. The one we bought is a Keystone Hideout.

I went crazy stocking this camper. Everyone has their own personal bin (including the dog). I added a cozy little bed for Daisy. Since I have two of everything in my kitchen, it made sense to make use of all those extra utensils and appliances. I tried to make it feel like a home by adding comfortable bedding, pillows, throws and a basket for magazines and books.

On our first trip in October, which was only a few miles down the road at David Crockett State Park, we had our friends out for a barbecue. One of our friends gave us cute dog themed tea towels. Our other friends gave us a seasonal tea towel and pumpkin to decorate for the holidays.

In early November, we also visited Meriwether Lewis (in Natchez Trace) State Park which is an amazing free site with pull-throughs.

We are really enjoying  being RV owners. I like the fact that we never need a suitcase and we will always feel comfortable in our home away from home.


5 Responses to “RV There Yet?”

  1. 1 Sandra Pyle

    Hi Guys, This is the strangest thing that I can even remember happening. When I went to bed last night a thought passed through my mind that I hadn’t heard from you for so long and I figured that you had probably lost my contact info or that you just were not sending blogs out anymore. When I checked by computer this morning there was this email from you. I can hardly believe the timing on this. Anyway, it is so nice to hear from you and it sounds like you are loving your RV. It looks like it is beautiful and your experiences will be wonderful. Thank you for sharing this with us. Have fun and have a great Christmas and Happy New Year! Sandra

  2. 2 Tony

    Hey there , looks nice inside . was wondering what outside looked like. did you mean hideout instead of hideaway ? that’s what I found online.
    Happy Holidays !

  3. 5 Carol

    Hi Michelle, I haven’t been on line lately so am now catching up on my thousands of emails looks like you are still loving and enjoying life on and off the farm with Eric so happy for you, RV camping is lots of fun, nice having the in house vacuum my sister used to make fun of me when we used to RV camp just cause I brought my Kerby vacuum along, Happy summer!

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