Signs of Life


This year wasn’t a bad winter. In fact, it was pretty mild. Every year I get a surprised when things start to come back to life when it looks like they won’t. You see, some perennials act like annuals here. I guess it’s too cold for them. So, I’m never sure when I plant a perennial if I’ll see it again the following spring.

File Mar 27, 4 52 50 PM


The lavender survived the winter. I didn’t think it would since I’ve read that they don’t do well in Zone 7. Mine looks really healthy though. It might have been a hardier variety. The hardier ones are developed for colder climates.

Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller

My dusty miller actually survived and it has new growth. Note to myself for next year…Don’t dig them up. They’ll come back!

Pineapple Sage

Pineapple Sage

A pineapple sage plant I planted after growing it in my bathroom all winter last year grew huge during the summer. All the stalks had died during the winter, but I found new growth underneath. Turns out, the person who gave me a cutting of this plant needs me to give them a cutting because their plant died!

Even my stevia has new growth.

Russian Sage

Russian Sage

Russian Sage and Mexican Sage are also coming back.

Eric threw a bunch of iris bulbs out by the treeline and they are growing now. Even though they only bloom once, I love it when they do. They are so vibrant. I had more bulbs, so I threw them out there too.



We have gladiolus, dutch irises, irises and tulips and they all have different blooming times. I’ve integrated them so we will have a full season of blooms.

File Mar 27, 5 00 09 PM

New Plum Tree

We brought home two new plum trees last week to add to our fruit tree grove of apples, pears and peaches.

We also planted strawberries and raspberries. Two years ago, we started blueberries and blackberries and the blackberries are real producers. We’re ot doing too well with the blueberries, so we fertilized them this year. Hopefully it helps. We started everbearing strawberries this year.

Each year, we plant less in our herb garden. I like that there’s some established plants in there now and each year we learn something new about the plants.


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