Sweetening our Farm


We are about to embark on another adventure…beekeeping! Eric says what he likes most about this one is that we can be away for days at time and not have to worry about them. (Definitely not as hard as caring for dogs and horses.)

Eric recently took a class on beekeeping. Apparently, there are lots of locals here that raise bees.

We were invited by one gentleman to come out to his place and he would set us up with 2 hives. At one time, he had about 150 hives. He’s now setting his son up to raise bees.

Our bees will arrive sometime at the end of April. We will be starting with 2 packages of bees. That’s 6 lbs of bees! Each package has a queen. We will not be able to harvest the honey till after the first year. How much honey we harvest will depend on how well the resources are here (the supply of nectar). We have berries, fruit trees, flowers, wildflowers and a nearby creek. Hopefully it will provide an ample supply.

I personally love honey. I prefer it to any of the natural sugars. I use it to make desserts and even sweeten my coffee occasionally. The trick to using honey in cold drinks is to make a simple syrup. Combine one part honey and one part water in a saucepans over medium heat and stir until completely dissolved. Let cool and store in the refrigerator. Use it to sweeten any drink to your desired taste.

Stay tuned. I’ll be posting more on our new project as we go along.


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