Bee Very Careful


We looked forward to getting our bees.

File Apr 20, 6 26 46 PM

Our bee boxes were set up and ready earlier this week.

File Apr 20, 6 25 28 PM

Inside the hive box. 10 frames inside the brood chamber which is where the bees will make honey and raise their young.

After the bees fill up 80% of the frames, we will put a honey super and put 10 more frames in.

When Eric picked up our bee packages, he went to a someone’s house that had bee hives. Bees were flying all over the place and he got stung on the tip of his finger. He’s lucky he didn’t have a reaction like he did when he was a kid. He didn’t bring his epipen!

File Apr 20, 6 28 48 PM

This is a package of bees. Eric brought our two packages (3 lbs each) home yesterday. It was so cool hearing them buzzing around in their screened packages. They actually smell good too!

File Apr 20, 6 57 14 PM

Liz lifts up one of the bee packages to see how heavy it is. It’s hard to believe it is 3 lbs of bees! Our dog Kona was very curious!

We joined a beekeepers club here and there’s a lot others just like us getting started. Another girl and her daughter, from our club, came up to watch us install the bees. She won the hive our club was giving away. She’s getting ready to purchase her bees soon, so this was really good for her to watch.

File Apr 20, 6 38 33 PM

We put out sugar water for the bees. It’s a 1:1 Spring solution of water and sugar, one for each hive. (Autumn/Winter solution is 1:2 water and sugar)

File Apr 20, 6 50 45 PM

This is the entrance of the hive.

This is Eric installing the bees.

Eric made a sugar station for the bees (below), aka “The Sugar Shack”. They are going through the sugar very quickly!


The Sugar Shack

We will not be able to harvest our honey until a year from now, but I cannot wait. I can already tell we are going to love raising bees.

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  1. 1 Tony

    Got pretty good Buzz going ?

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