First Check on Bees


We did a visual check this week on the progress of our hives. Here are a few photos. The girls are filling up the frames up and there’s a few cells with cap brood going on (bee larvae). The black & gray cells are pollen. The golden cells are honey. The first 3 frames are the fullest of the 10.

The Queen at bottom right side of knife

The Queen at bottom right side of knife from Hive #1. Click on photo to see it enlarged.

So far, we’ve had good success with examining the hives. The best time of day seems to be at dusk. Eric goes very slowly. I almost find that we really don’t need our bee suits, but it’s just a level of precaution. If you were stung in the eye, you could loose your eyesight.

The first hive looks really healthy, but the other hive is smaller and not so active. Hopefully in another week or two, the second hive will do better.

We are still learning, but so far, we are really encouraged.


2 Responses to “First Check on Bees”

  1. 1 Tony

    Nice to see things Humming along. Did Eric get pics I emailed ?

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