Bartering, It’s a Mutual Thing


I just love bartering works. I never really experienced it till we moved here from California in 2012. It’s a mutual thing. You have a need and someone can provide that need. In turn, you provide something the other person needs. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. People do that a lot here; services for goods, goods for services, services for services or goods for goods. I thought it was a lost art, but it’s very much alive here.


We have a friend that will cut the grass from our pastures and bale the hay (here they call it bush hogging). He takes a large portion of the bales for his labor and leaves us with a couple for the winter so we won’t buy hay for our horses. It’s beautiful thing. Eric likes that he doesn’t have to kill himself bush hogging all 32 acres. Before our friend came, Eric got ahead of himself and bush hogged about 16 of our acreage. Our friend informed us that he could still bale the cut hay.

Then there’s just the good nature of people here. Take for example, my friend calls Eric and tells him she’s got a friend who’s building a cabin and needs to get rid of some cut timbers. If he hauls it, he can have it for free. There were some large timbers of birch, oak, ash and sycamore. Eric loves to get his hands on this kind of wood so he can make his own lumber. When someone does this kind of thing,  we usually reward them in some way, like making them a handmade gift out of the wood.

Another thing I love here is that people are willing to share their plants. I almost never have to buy plants anymore because people always give me their extras. I love the benefit of looking in my garden and lovingly remembering who gave me what. I find myself doing same thing now. It’s mutual respect thing.

People share information willingly here as well. Who needs a telephone book here? Our friends and neighbors always know someone who can provide a service of some sort. I find myself offering up information now too.

Even though this isn’t really a barter, I find that the Amish great resource here for lumber, firewood, bee hive equipment, fruits & vegetables and baskets which are all reasonably priced.

Most people think that it’s culture shock to move from the city to the country, but I love how the simpler things have actually made our lives easier.




2 Responses to “Bartering, It’s a Mutual Thing”

  1. 1 Carol

    I love that I thought bartering was a lost art too! Everything sounds so wonderful there so glad you two are doing so well.

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