When You Buy Out the Whole Store


I have always adored previously loved items. Shortly after moving here, I happily recognized I was in good company. Southerners love their antique and thrift stores.

During different times of the season, I used antique and thrift stores to get my props for various club projects. So, needless to say, I’ve developed a rapport with many of the shop owners here.

Bob Moore from Old School Antiques ended up being my go-to guy for borrowing props. In exchange, I’d proudly display his business cards.  He’d also give me great deals on purchases.

In the beginning of the year, Bob decided to sell his 10,000 square foot store. One day, while looking around in his store my husband, Eric inquired about the store. Bob gladly shared more information and said his inventory was included in the sale of the store. I thought nothing about it. We didn’t even talk about it after that.

A few weeks later, Eric came back from his errands and announced, “What do you think about owning an antique store?”

I said, “What?????!!!”

Eric tells me that he was seriously thinking about it. My immediate thought is, I’ve never really wanted to own a brick and mortar business. I certainly don’t want to own a restaurant. But owning an existing store where you don’t have to start from scratch sounded appealing.

It took me a few days. The more I thought about it, the more I could see us in it. Eric has restored several pieces of antiques for friends and they’ve been pleased with his work. Every year, I stage a couple of booths for the master gardeners and Pick Tennesee Products and we get a great response. My advertising and graphic design experience could also benefit a business. Aside from all that, Eric’s years in facilities and maintenance would be a plus.

A week later, Eric announced that we should do it and by then I’m on board too. So, we start the process of buying the store and getting some training from Bob, the owner. The booth owners also jumped in and added their input.

Mind you, I was in the midst of doing several projects that month and the timing was not the best. It is my busy season for all sorts of things. But life doesn’t slow down so you can catch up. Does it?

We’ve now been open now since Thursday, April 20, 2016. Our clientele is 50/50 women and men. We have a wide range of antiques and collectibles. I think one of the best features is all our mantiques. While the women shop, their men can find something too.

Here are some photos of the place. In 1917, the building used to be a mercantile store. I will be playing off that vibe in the months to come.

Here are the two displays I’ve done. The store is over 10,000 square feet. We don’t want to overwhelm ourselves,  so we’re working on it a little at a time.


One Response to “When You Buy Out the Whole Store”

  1. 1 Tony

    quite the surprise . Good Luck !

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