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This is the completion of the Airstream job Eric did for the Kennedys. This project turned out beautiful!

After publishing my blog article, “Time is on the Woodworker’s Side“, Eric got an exciting job from our friends, Kerry and Emily Kennedy who are in the process of remodeling their Airstream. They’ve hired Eric to put in wood countertops for the kitchen and bathroom, as well as some other tables in the RV. Though they looked at other vendors […]

I just love bartering works. I never really experienced it till we moved here from California in 2012. It’s a mutual thing. You have a need and someone can provide that need. In turn, you provide something the other person needs. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. People do that a lot here; services […]

A Simpler Life


Have you ever thought about going green? I’ve been pondering it for awhile now and I think it’s time. I’m just sorry I haven’t done it sooner. I’ve never really been a fan of powerful cleaners or anti-bacterial soaps anyway. I really can’t stand the smell of them. Instead of Windex, I use a reusable cloth meant for […]

I’ve decided to make my own biodegradable soap. In case I haven’t said so, I’ve been wanting to make all natural liquid soaps for the house for some time now. I’m disgusted by all the chemicals and hidden ingredients in most products.  I love that I get to control what’s in it. I’ve invited my friend, […]

We did a visual check this week on the progress of our hives. Here are a few photos. The girls are filling up the frames up and there’s a few cells with cap brood going on (bee larvae). The black & gray cells are pollen. The golden cells are honey. The first 3 frames are […]

We looked forward to getting our bees. Our bee boxes were set up and ready earlier this week. After the bees fill up 80% of the frames, we will put a honey super and put 10 more frames in. When Eric picked up our bee packages, he went to a someone’s house that had bee […]