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Two Houdinis


Leaving the house for a day always requires some thought, particulary when it comes to the dogs. We have to lock up Goliath before we leave because he follows us. Last time we left for a day, we thought we dog-proofed the barn enough and left them. That evening, we came back to a mess. […]

Big Head


Goliath’s head is big. Look at it compared to Eric’s…LOL

While we were out having dinner last night, Daisy thought she’d get into my garbanzo bean seeds on top of our desk in the kitchen. They were all strewn out next to her bed. When my sister-in-law, Helen was staying here and we were upstairs in her room having coffee, I walked down to find […]



It’s raining today. Goliath and Smokey are keeping each other warm.

Last night was the first night Goliath stayed out all night. During the day, we’ve been letting himĀ roam free. During the evening we’ve been bringing him into the pool yard for the night. We decided we were ready. It was more about whether we’d be able to sleep and not worry. He’s been ready for […]



Goliath is cleaning up Daisy’s dish. She always leaves leftovers. The second photo is of her begging at our dinner table. She thinks she’s too good for her food.