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I am always reading about pet owners being reunited with their pets, but this time the happy ending is ours. Our beloved 8-year old dog Daisy, a Spaniel mix lost since July 8, was returned to us today. After returning home from Nashville airport to drop off my son, we came home and Daisy was nowhere […]

I just love this handsome guy who greets us when we return from the store. He’s an independent soul, but loves his owners. He follows me on walks and loves to go for car rides with Eric. I love how he leans against us and stands on our foot. He’s not much for company, but he’s warmed up to […]

Having a puppy can be a challenge, but Kona has been good for us. She’s smart and a little more calmer than most puppies. However, she does have her moments, like dinner time (she loves to eat). She does run after Goliath and Daisy when they try and ditch her (and they are trying their best to loose her). We […]

Excuuuuuse Me!


Last night, while having dinner outside, Goliath waited patiently to be awarded my steak bone. I made him lay down before I would give it to him. He ferociously devoured it in about 5 minutes. Afterwards, he sat there and belched. I wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t done it last night, but he […]

No Go


Yesterday we decided to get a kennel. We’ve been stressing about putting our dog, Go (Goliath) in the barn whenever we go anywhere. He follows us whenever we leave, so we’ve resorted to putting him in a stall for the short trips we take. It’s hot in there, even though we put the fans on […]

Two Houdinis


Leaving the house for a day always requires some thought, particulary when it comes to the dogs. We have to lock up Goliath before we leave because he follows us. Last time we left for a day, we thought we dog-proofed the barn enough and left them. That evening, we came back to a mess. […]

Big Head


Goliath’s head is big. Look at it compared to Eric’s…LOL