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This is the completion of the Airstream job Eric did for the Kennedys. This project turned out beautiful!

On Saturday, Memorial Day weekend, we gave a BBQ here at the farm. It’s usually all about the food for most of our parties, but Saturday night, it was all about the guests. We did all the meat and asked everyone to bring a side. Our friends and family are really great cooks! I made a pitchers of margaritas, […]

My friend Sandi took me to see her friend Tony and Nancy’s new restaurant called Nana’s Pizzeria. They’re converting an old bank building in downtown Loretto into a wonderful new restaurant. It’s really starting to take shape. They plan to open it next month. There’s a dining room, bar, upper dining room, outdoor eating area and an art room to […]

I love going on photo shoots. Last Tuesday, my friend Sandi and I were taking photos around Loretto and Lawrenceburg. In particular, we were seeking some native Tennessee plants to photograph for a web site we’re working on. Seasonal white and pink dogwoods and redbuds are in their final stages of blooming here. They are iconic for this […]

My sister-in-law invited me to go to the Cheekwood Garden plant sale this weekend. Unfortunately, when we got to the plant sale there were no plants left. Fortunately, that left us time to walk the gardens and have a scrumptious lunch at the Pineapple Room. The Cheekwood Garden is known for their Japanese, herbs, perennials […]

Well, we are ready for Christmas…I think. It’s raining here, so there’s not much to do but decorate. I’ve got a few loose ends and then I’ll be done. The family room tree is natural, decorated with dried hydrangeas and the living room tree is a more formal tree with mercury glass ornaments. I’ll be […]

I just love this time of year. The cool crisp air, the fall leaves and all the beautiful colors. It’s so nice to be in a season of change. I am most thankful for my family and friends, near and far. Thank you to those who’ve made a lasting impression in our lives. I’m thankful for our experiences […]