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Too Many Seeds


It’s not a bad thing to have a lot of seeds. Not having a system to organize them all makes it impossible; you either forget what you have or you can’t find what you need. I found two plastic storage bins (6.25″ x 11.5″) and 4″ x 6″  index cards. I used Post-it-Notes tabs on […]

Today we’re getting the garden ready to put in an entirely new fence, so all the fencing and posts had to come up. Eric thought this was the perfect opportunity to train me how to use the tractor. For starters, I learned some basics on how to start, clutch and shift. It is not like […]

Down in the hollow in one of the branches of Cher and Eric’s creek, Eric has built and installed a ram pump to supply water to their livestock. It pumps about 400 gallons a day up to two polyethylene tanks. It has been a year-round source of water even through the drought last year. The […]

We are particularly interested in the chickens since this is the first livestock we will attempt on our farm. We would like them to be free-range. Eventually, we would also like to raise beef. In one of their pastures is where their chickens are. The tractor coops, affectionately dubbed, the Dining Car, the Nesting Car […]

Up on the hill above their homestead, Eric gave us a tour starting with where they raise their CSA produce. Since Eric’s been doing organic produce since he was 21, he’s learned quite a bit and applies it to his farming today. They rely on rainfall to water their vegetables. Tomatoes, garlic, elephant garlic, sweet […]

About a half a mile up a dirt road lies Bugtussle Farm. It’s a 160-acre family-owned CSA farm in Kentucky. It’s owners, Cher and Eric have 3 beautiful kids and a short-haired Great Pyrenees dog. Their farm is committed to sustainable, organic agriculture. Their business sustains them and supports 50 CSA consumer families. If you’d […]

Farm Tips 1 & 2: My Father says… 1. We have a six foot black snake in our barn. They are killers of copper heads and you will need one. 2. The guy cleaning brush around here found and killed two copper heads this year and was also attacked by hundreds of yellow jackets. Copper […]