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Peach Fuzz


Tonight I made a tasty yogurt ice cream in my little ice cream maker. This is my own concoction since I couldn’t find one that suited me. I had a whole basket of local farm peaches that I had to do something with, so this is my solution. This peach ice cream reminds me of […]

My kitchen has been my chemistry lab here lately. Our garden is starting to get produce and I’ve been given herbs from my friends’ gardens, so I better put them to good use. I am always surfing the net for interesting and healthy recipes. I’ve tried a gluten-free pizza recipe and it was ok but people have been raving about cauliflower […]

As we promised this year, we’re finally getting to visit a CSA tomorrow. This visit will be a start as we learn more about developing our own sustainable farm. Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a food production and distribution system that directly connects farmers and consumers. Consumers buy “shares” in a farm’s harvest in advance. In the case of my brother’s family (the […]

I’ve created a blog for recipes called, The Kitchen at Summit’s Leap. The kitchen is the heart of our farm where we cook and entertain our family and friends. Today, I added my chicken sausage recipe and comfy cornbread frittata. I’ll try and add something every day. If you’d like to subscribe, click Follow once […]

I’ve loved to cook since I was a pre-teen. Mom cooked great dinners, but I always wanted the exotic; crepe suzettes or fancy salads. I’ve had many passions throughout the years, but cooking has remained my all-time favorite. I remember my worst dish. I thought it would be great if I baked chicken in red […]

Keep Me Sweet


Since I cannot have sugar any longer, I have found some interesting products and ways to cook so I don’t compromise taste or jeapordize my diet. If you are diabetic or cannot tolerate sugar, you might enjoy this read. Always consult with your doctor before changing your diet. What I’ve discovered about the marketed sweeteners: […]