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I really enjoy the clubs I’m in. I’ve met some really great people here. One of the clubs I really enjoy is the Master Gardeners. This week I’ve had the privilege of organizing our Middle Tennessee District Fair Booth with a team of 7 people. Our theme this year is, “Celebrating the Garden Harvest”; kind of a […]

What a difference 2 weeks makes. After coming back from California, I came home to a garden full of produce…and weeds, but not too bad. Eric’s been keeping up with it the best he can. We had 9 days of rain while I was gone and he couldn’t do much. I spent most of the morning […]

I’ve been relishing the last of our peas in the greenhouse. After picking them, Eric and I agreed they’re finished. We need to make room for something else. I’m not sure what, but we will probably grow them again in the Fall since they grew so good. The basket I took to our friend’s this weekend […]

Practical Gifts


My friend laughed when I told her I got my husband a greenhouse hose trolly for our anniversary. I have definitely become more practical since moving here, so it was interesting, after giving him his gift, he said, “I need to give you a water hydrant as your gift.” I said, “Oh! Was I being […]

The days are getting longer here and everything is coming to life. April 10 was our one year wedding anniversary and it just so happens, it turned out to be the perfect sunny day; perfect for working in the garden. Our herb garden has been an evolving project. Last year we removed an existing children’s […]

This year we’re putting up a permanent garden fence instead of the ugly netting and t-posts we had up last year. Last week we put up the posts and cemented them in. It’s going to be nice once it’s completed. It will have four gates; one on each side. We’re building the fence to keep […]

Porch Presence


We’ve been longing to have an inviting front porch where we can sit and relax. There’s a swing there now I’ve painted black. Eric is going to build two really nice benches, a side table and a coffee table. I might even add a small bistro table with a couple of chairs where we can […]