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We have two beautiful quarter horses boarding with us since the beginning of August: Bama and Patriot. Patriot is Bama’s son. Summit instantly made friends with Bama. He’s such a lady’s man. Advertisements

Wooden Horses


Eric spent about 4 hours making these wonderful wooden saddle racks. They’re sturdy and stable. I can always rely Eric to make a quality product!

Summit and Myst were out in the pasture running as if to say, “Come play with me.”

Equine Choke


This was a pretty scary morning. I brought my trainer’s horse, Myst in to feed her. As she was eating, she started pawing the ground. She was choking. She only had about a mouthful of food when it happened. I had soaked her food due to a scare we had last month. She recovered from […]

Today, I’m headed off to see my brother’s family for a couple of days. Eric is going to hold down the farm while I’m gone. This morning, Eric tested Summit to see how he’d do while I’m still here.┬áSummit decided to try his bag of tricks on Eric. He bit his halter and Eric couldn’t […]

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My horse, Summit can be a handful. I think it’s in his nature. His middle name is “Mischief”. During the past two months of owning him, he has put me through all of his bag of tricks. By remaining calm and having his best interest at heart, I’ve been able to deal with it all. […]