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A New Identity


Today, Eric and I went to Lawrenceberg to get our driver’s licenses switched from California to Tennessee. Now, I can tell you, from the minute we walked through the door, this DMV was not like any in California we’ve experienced. For one thing, there was no one in there. Although, they insisted on giving us […]

When we came to Tennessee in August and were at the beginning of our 90-day escrow, we stayed at my parents house. One morning, while walking together with my mom from their field, she reached down and picked up a four leaf clover. She handed it to me and said, “This one’s for your house.” […]

I want to share with you the map my nieces, Kira and Nola used to route our 4-day trip from California to Tennessee. They called us every day to see where we ended up. Here were some iconic images along route 43 and 64. States we went through: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, […]

“There’s frost on the pumpkin!” Eric says today. What he means is, there’s a light frost. It’s mainly on the lawn. As I’m getting up this morning, Eric says he needs to do his chores. Today, Thursday, is trash day. We have decided to compost all our organic material, so at least that’s one less […]

Today we went to the town of Florence, Alabama. We were on a mission. My mom and I were off to get fabric for our breakfast nook seating and my dad and Eric were off getting hardware supplies. Our mission was 80% successful in that we couldn’t fulfill everything on our lists. The fabric store […]

It’s getting cold and we’ve been using the fireplace for the last two nights. Here’s some photos I took on my iPhone. They’re not the best but its all I’ve got for now. We will not get the internet until after 11/19.

It’s so gorgeous here. The two mornings we have been here have beautiful, but because a storm is rolling in, it is exceptional today. If you look closely at the second pic, you can see a glint of the moon.