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It used to be that our busy time of year was Spring, but now it’s become the start of Fall as well. Our Master Gardeners and Beekeepers have booths in the Middle Tennessee District Fair around the end of September. Eric has started to get more woodworking projects, so there were three he was working […]

This is the completion of the Airstream job Eric did for the Kennedys. This project turned out beautiful!

Eric has always been fascinated with woodworking. Though he’s always had most of his tools, he’s never really had the time until he retired. Since then, he’s been able to do quite a bit of different projects. When we moved to Tennessee in 2012, we got everything we were looking for except for a shop. Eric has converted our […]

I’ve decided to make my own biodegradable soap. In case I haven’t said so, I’ve been wanting to make all natural liquid soaps for the house for some time now. I’m disgusted by all the chemicals and hidden ingredients in most products.  I love that I get to control what’s in it. I’ve invited my friend, […]

This table has quite a story. Eric handcrafted this trestle table for my brother’s family made from one red oak tree harvested from our farm. Both of us worked together to design it. We are very proud of it. About the Wood: The entire table was made from one tree from our land We dragged the tree back from […]

Eric decided that today was his Sunday to goof off. Here’s what he built.  

Lincoln Logs


Eric has been trying to figure out how to build a log bench since June. It’s mainly because of the log being so ackward. I bought him a log cutter back in June for his birthday and he’s been trying to figure out how he could safely make it work. He thought originally that he’d […]